What to Expect from your first treatment

You are participating in your own healing process.  Your treatment plan is personally catered to you as an individual, some things will be the same across the board, but different individuals experience acupuncture differently.  As I begin to better understand your constitution, your experience and response to treatment will become more “regular,” and you will have a better idea of what types of sensations to expect and what your post treatment needs are.

What you can expect from me: 
Your initial treatment will typically last about 90 minutes.  We will go over your medical history and do an interview about your goals and expectations with treatment.  We will discuss your treatment plan, estimated visits to resolve or maintain your condition, and things you can do in your life to help support and invigorate your healing process.   I will also do a short physical exam that will include feeling your pulse, examining your tongue, and may include palpation.  Once this part of the appointment is over, you will receive the therapeutic treatment appropriate to your presentation.  This may include acupuncture as well as other adjunctive acupuncture therapies.

Once the needles are inserted, I will either apply additional adjunctive therapy, such as electro-stimulation which can be applied to the needles, or moxabustion which is an herb that is burned on or near the skin, or I may exit the room to let you relax.

Your needle retention time will depend on your personal constitution, but will usually last between 10-20 minutes, to allow your body to reach full relaxation.  During this time, you may feel a lot of different sensations or emotions.  Some patients experience an emotional release with treatment.

After I remove the needles, I may apply an adjunctive therapy such as tui na or cupping.   You will receive follow-up care instructions, such as dietary and exercise prescriptions to enhance your care, supplemental herbal therapy, and once you have had a chance to get yourself situated, we will handle payment & scheduling.

Most patients report feeling relaxed right after treatment, you should be able to resume gentle activities post treatment, but I do not recommend strenuous physical activity.  You may also notice increase in bodily functions, such as hunger, urine, bowel movements, or sleepiness.   I do recommend gentle activity, rest, drinking water, or whatever you feel will most benefit you post treatment.

Please contact us immediately if you have any follow-up questions about your care, herbal instructions, or other concerns about your treatment.