Mountain Phoenix Acupuncture is a locally owned and operated acupuncture private practice.  We are centered on quality of care for each patient.  We strive to cater your treatment to your specific needs by identifying the root causes for your ailments and treating you as a whole person; Allowing a transformational healing experience that allows you to work one-on-one with a practitioner toward your own healing and personal growth goals.


We seek to provide an environment that is positive, nurturing, and healing for every patient who walks through our doors, regardless of their identity and intersections.


Our goal is to provide comprehensive treatment and preventative care including: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and TCM modalities; nutritional guidance, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations to help to put you in the driver’s seat.  Our treatments are centered in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal therapy.


We provide this level of one-on-one care to everyone and offer quality acupuncture care in a progressive sliding scale model.  It is our goal to provide acupuncture care to anyone who needs it at a cost that is affordable and accommodating for your personal needs.


Our clinic is located at 3600 S. Beeler St, in Denver, Colorado.

Mountain Phoenix Acupuncture is owned and operated by Piper Mullins