FAQ: Does it hurt?

Most patients find treatment relaxing, and I have often had patients fall asleep during treatment on the table.

Practitioners work very hard on our needling technique, to learn to treat with minimal discomfort.

What you need to know is that acupuncture is different for everyone, and different people experience needles differently.

At the insertion you may feel a slight pinching or poking sensation.  After insertion a number of sensations can be experienced.

Normal sensations  include:

  • dull or heavy ache
  • sensation of fullness
  • tingling
  • a sensation of warmth
  • throbbing
  • “electric” sensation
  • sensations of movement in the body
  • sensations where there are no needles
  • emotional response to needles, such as tearing or laughing.

These sensations may change or dissipate as we proceed with treatment.

Sharp, burning, or stabbing sensations are not normal.  If at any time you feel discomfort during the treatment, we stop and readjust or remove the needles to comfort.

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