COVID 19 Need to Know

As you all know, the state of Colorado has declared a state of emergency over the global COVID 19 pandemic, which is currently seeing the beginning of community spread in our state.

Due to the stay at home measures impacting our profession, I cannot offer in-office treatments at this time.   We will remain closed until at least April 26.

If you suspect you have COVID 19, or believe you may have been exposed, you should self-quarantine for at least 2 weeks.  You should follow up with your primary care and follow procedures for being treated/tested for the COVID 19 virus if you fear you may be exposed.  The state has a mobile test site, and is working on increasing the availability of testing (you will need a doctors referral to be tested.) . If your symptoms are minor your physician may recommend that you stay home.  If your condition worsens and you experience difficulty breathing, you should follow up with your physician and seek medical attention.

For more updated information about COVID 19, you may visit the links below.

We want to remind our clients to continue doing their due diligence in preventing the spread of this virus.  Things you can do for personal protection include:

*Mask up– In communities where people are wearing even home-made masks they are seeing a much faster decline in the curve.  Covering your mouth and nose helps to contain your respiratory droplets and helps to keep everyone safe.  Mask up and encourage others to also mask up.

*Washing hands regularly– Hands should be washed for 20+ seconds– The virus has a lipid bilayer that is easily destroyed by soap and water. 

*Keeping your hands away from your face (Especially eyes, nose, throat). 

*Limiting your exposure to others through social distancing methods.  (This disease spreads through respiratory droplets, a distance of 6 feet is recommended). 

*Keeping surfaces in your work/home areas clean

*Stay home if possible.  Right now we should be practicing physical distancing and working to innovatively connect to our social networks.  

*If you are sick or proximal to someone who is sick, please keep yourself away from the public and other individuals for 2 weeks.  This virus has an incubation period of 14 days, and can spread even before people are showing symptoms.   

Additionally, you should also follow your normal procedures for caring for yourself, such as eating a healthy diet that supports your constitution, resting, and drinking fluids.