Acupuncture News and Resources

Below you will find articles about research on and about the effects of acupuncture and recent research in our field.

Please let me know what other types of resources would be helpful to you as patients. I want to cater this space to your needs.

Dao Labs: April 2020: Posture Hack to improve body function
Health CMi, March 2019: Acupuncture for test anxiety

Health CMi, March 2019: Acupuncture and Coronary Artery Disease

BBC News, March 2019

National Geographic, January 2019: How Ancient Remedies are Changing Modern Medicine

Daily Memphian, December 2018: Acupuncture and the Opiod Crisis

The Guardian, September, 2017: Brain Scans and the Hidden Effects of Acupuncture

Health CMi, March 2019: Acupuncture Decreases Post-Stroke Depression, Restores Function

PBS News Hour, May 2017: Acupuncture for Pain Management